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Message from the company president.

Since establishment of the company over 40 years ago, we have endeavored everyday to fulfill our slogan, “To contribute to public well being by applying special scientific knowledge to road construction and landscaping”. It is a guiding principle of all company staff to respond to the needs of customers and modern times with highly developed technology.
Our basic working style is to use innovative technology in the area of colored pavement and landscaping construction and to have a first class product range in this niche market. Thanks to that technology, our products have been accepted and have allowed us to grow the company to its current size.
As you might know, future situations will require new products and methods of construction. We are going forward on research and development step by step to contribute to the world as much as possible, along with understanding the trend of world needs.


Shimoda Kazunori

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Manufacture of high performance pavement material

As Japan entered the middle period of high economic growth, our country experienced rapid increase in road traffic. This significant traffic increase was also accompanied by a continuous improvement in car performance resulting in faster vehicle speed. Besides this, commercial vehicles were getting larger. Accordingly, function and durability demanded of roads increased as well, so there was great demand for bituminous binder with higher performance.
We currently provide various types of polymer-modified binders for road pavement including type 1 for skid resistance pavement, anti-rutting and anti-abrasion pavement, type 2 for heavy traffic situations, and a high viscosity binder with high performance for porous pavement.
Our high viscosity binder, Cenaphalt, gives excellent water-drainage and noise reduction for porous pavement together with high durability that prevents rutting and cracking under heavy traffic as well as skid resistance. The noise reduction property reduces noise levels in housing areas and road-surrounded area where significant traffic is noticed. The drainage property gives good visibility to car drivers especially at night in rainy conditions to prevent the phenomena of aquaplaning and spray. In Japan, the traffic accident rate has significantly reduced by a maximum 80% where porous pavement was adopted.
In the situation of increased traffic levels in a complicated traffic environment, colored pavement is ideal for demarcation of the road for traffic control. Our novel products of the Colourks range are pigmentable clear binders and these give dramatic results in the surface as well as retaining same properties that can be achieved by conventional bituminous black binder. The product range has three different types by the application; Colourks type 1 for pedestrian, Colourks type 2 for traffic duty and Sur-colourks for porous pavement. The Colourks range enables pavement to colorize in any colors with the help of a pigment, whereas the only acceptable color with black binder is red. Due to this ability to incorporate any color of pigment, Colourks can be used for landscape pavement or any other areas to create visual impact, which is ideal for all kinds of activity.
Today, we are grappling with new technologies such as top-coating on porous asphalt to prevent strip-off of aggregates, heat reflection treatment and water-retaining pavement which both can reduce surface temperature in connection with the global warming issue.
The road is a fundamental item to support social, community and economic activities. We are therefore keen to keep on researching and developing in order to improve safety and durability of our roads.

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Manufacture of landscaping pavement material

How often do you look at the pavement you walk on? It might not be feature much in your life unless infant or elderly person has stumbled causing injury. Before colored landscaping surfaces were introduced, the pavement was just black asphalt or gray concrete. It might be that many people still have this feeling. However, some unique pavements are being applied to roads, which involve various properties and colors. As the landscaping business using colored surfaces for footpath, park, sports facility and recreation areas has become better known, its importance to society alongside the focus on modern urban life environment has increased. You might not normally think of it, but there is a great difference of impact to our living environment between landscaped and conventional pavements. Pavements can give different feeling to pedestrians, either concrete or graveled on a path in a park, and either asphalt or landscaped with colorful design on a square in an amusement park. Why we don’t perceive so much of landscaping pavement is that it achieves good harmonization with our environment. Landscaping pavement involves various types such as simple paintings on the surface, skid resistance surface, or water drainable pavement with natural texture. In a typical case, soft touch pavement, gentle to infants and elderly people, using fine crumbled rubber, is more popular and being taken up by nursery and baby care facilities.
Our company commenced in landscaping business since over 30 years ago. One of our initial products was taken up successfully in the international exposition in Osaka in 1970. At that point we started developing the business throughout Japan. Today, we construct over 80,000 square meters per year, and are expanding this activity more and more.
Since our company was established, we have continually utilized our knowledge in developing road pavement materials. We keep developing our pavement material to harmonize with natural scene and buildings. We work as a contractor for landscaping pavement.

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Development and manufacture

We have been manufacturing pavement material for nearly a half century. Our aim is to provide product performance exactly to the specification demanded by our customers. The performance of bitumen, which is the basic ingredient of polymer-modified bitumen, is not constant. It is usually necessary to adjust the amount of additives used in order to manufacture polymer-modified bitumen to a constant quality. Our comprehensive experience enables us to make this adjustment correctly.
In order to provide such exact quality, in late 2001 one of our plants gained ISO 9001 approval thereby achieving well-controlled operations. Today, we now have ISO 9001 approval in four of our plants and are currently applying for this approval for the remaining two plants.

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Total construction support

According to some characters such as function, durability, color and nature of material, landscaping pavement can have variations. These need to be selected properly depending on their application and condition of construction site. In the outdoors, landscaping pavements have to be resistant to sunlight, and also they have to be durable to stationary or static traffic in car parks.
In a nursery facility or children’s playground, it may be better for the pavement to have a soft touch surface made of rubber crumble or wood crumble which would result in people not getting either injured by stumbling over or tired feet. In an amusement park, brilliant colors would be preferred, but natural stone or wood crumble pavement also gives natural feeling to footpath alongside mountain stream or river. In undulation place, drainage pavement is ideal so that no puddles of rain occur.

Our work starts first by speaking to the customers to identify their specific needs. In discussion with both designer and contractor, we can propose selections from many of our landscaping products that best meet customer’s needs. We also propose construction method and material choice to our customers after considering economic aspects, interruption to traffic access and other site constraints.

We carry out comprehensive consultation for design, quotation, actual construction and maintenance or repair method as a part of our total support services. We are confident to satisfy our customers in terms of total costs and quality because we manufacture our material and carry out construction by ourselves.

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